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First there was Jurassic Park

Now there are Cretaceous Stones . . .

Dinosaurs have returned to Earth!

Spectacular meteor showers light up the sky. Meteorites strike western Montana and Idaho. Authorities soon learn the extraterrestrial boulders are loaded with eggs of creatures that went extinct 66 million years ago. When Cretaceous Period dinosaurs begin hatching out, the natural world erupts into an unnatural disaster.

One meteorite hits an outlying pasture on Gilliam’s Guidepost ranch, hatching out dozens of Cretaceous dinosaurs. Bryan Gilliam, wife Loretta, and their three children live in fear of the creatures. Scientists, government officials, and the media converge on the ranch. Where did the strange meteorites come from? How did they become egg casings for species that went extinct 66 million years ago? Over the long summer, scientists work under the glare of the national spotlight, studying the Dromaeosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, and Triceratopses being held in captivity at the Gilliam ranch. Meanwhile, ranchers, farmers, and citizens of Montana and Idaho face life-threatening perils from dinosaur hatchlings in the wild. Cretaceous Stones follows the Gilliam family as they deal with their fears and struggle with their loss of privacy and newfound fame. The novel also follows the scientific community through its discovery process and a government trying to control invasive prehistoric species that are running amok. It’s a wild ride indeed.


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