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Dragons of the Great Divide

Available March 2024!


       It’s one year after egg-laden meteorites struck the Continental Divide in Montana and Idaho, hatching out hundreds of Cretaceous dinosaurs. It’s a new summer and Dromaeosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, and Triceratops are on the loose.

      Dinosaur trackers and bestselling authors Hayden Fowler and Nora Lemoyne are fresh off the huge success of their first book, detailing their close encounters with Cretaceous beasts. On the hunt for material for their second book, the couple runs into some harrowing surprises.

      Helicopter pilot Peter Lacroix, unhappy flying for the Montana Forest Service, resigns to become Hayden and Nora’s personal pilot. It’s big money, but the risks are bigger. Peter’s pregnant wife Brin suffers high anxiety as he flies out each day, not knowing if he will return.

      Jackson Lattimer is a celebrity wildlife videographer with a reckless reputation. The media has dubbed him “America’s Gonzo Shutterbug.” He befriends Hayden Fowler, joining him on several treacherous outings.

      Bryan and Loretta Gilliam own Gilliam’s Guidepost ranch, home of last summer’s famed dinosaur habitats. The ranch serves as the heliport and home base for the dinosaur tracking teams.

      Kelton Rendaya is an equine veterinarian moonlighting as an animal trafficker, specializing in venomous reptiles and dangerous wildlife. His life implodes when he jumps into the dinosaur trade.

      Also, Indigenous women are disappearing off Blackfoot and Salish reservations. The authorities are indifferent, claiming the Native women are being taken by hungry Tyrannosaurs. One of the women is Kanti Lyttle, the Blackfoot wife of Apisi, a longtime Gilliam ranch hand. Bryan Gilliam gets involved and his search leads to a startling discovery. Is it possible that animal traffickers have also moved into the human trafficking business?

       Finally, a helicopter flight into Idaho’s River of No Return Wilderness in search of Tyrannosaurs turns deadly. The team of six learns a harsh lesson—the dragons of the Continental Divide are relentlessly unforgiving.

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