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Cretaceous Stones


Science Fiction Suspense

Nightbird Publishing 2022

Deluxe Trade Paperback, 487 pages

Paperback ISBN: 978-0-9911871-6-4

eBook ISBN: 978-0-9911871-7-1

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The Story . . .

Spectacular meteor showers light up the sky. Large meteorites strike remote areas of Montana and Idaho along the Continental Divide. Authorities make a startling discovery—the meteorites are packed with nests of Cretaceous Period dinosaur eggs. Hundreds of Dromaeosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, and Triceratops hatch out, attacking livestock and decimating wheat crops. Ranchers, farmers, and the general public panic. Anxieties turn to hysteria as carnivores begin hunting humans. The natural world has turned into an unnatural disaster.


One meteorite hits an outlying pasture on Gilliam’s Guidepost ranch, hatching out dozens of Dromaeosaurs. Bryan Gilliam, wife Loretta, and their three children live in fear of the invaders. Scientists, government officials, and the media converge on the ranch to study the exotic animals, and attempt to solve the mysteries of the strange meteorites. Where did they come from? How did these meteorites become egg casings for species that went extinct 66 million years ago?


Paleontologists Hayden Fowler and Nora Lemoyne—fresh off a nearby Smithsonian expedition dig—lead the discovery effort. Forestry helicopter pilot, Peter Lacroix, works on a meteorite roundup operation. Over the long summer, they work with a group of scientists under the glare of the national spotlight, studying the Dromaeosaurs, Tyrannosaurs, and Triceratopses being held in captivity at the Gilliam ranch. Meanwhile, ranchers, farmers, and citizens of Montana and Idaho face life-threatening perils from dinosaur hatchlings in the wild.


Cretaceous Stones follows the Gilliam family as they deal with their fears and struggle with their loss of privacy and newfound fame. The novel also follows the scientific community through its discovery process, and a government trying to control invasive prehistoric species that are running amok. Pick up a copy and follow the tale through to its explosive conclusion.

Cretaceous Stones

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