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The second Great Depression rages on in America. Derek Parnell—notorious vigilante and champion of the American hobo—has been living in exile in Costa Rica the past three years after having been framed for a Colorado mass murder. In the middle of the night he gets a call from his panicked daughter. Her fiancé has been murdered! The large FBI bounty on his head is not enough to keep him from rescuing her and seeking revenge against those who wronged him. Returning to the States, Parnell recruits his hobo friends, and they travel through Arizona, Utah, and Nevada dispersing their eye-for-an-eye brand of justice.


HOBO JINGO continues the electrifying tale that first rode the rails in KING OF THE HOBOS. It’s a rambunctious ride through the scenic American West that includes an old-fashioned gun duel, an abandoned coal mine serving as a hobo camp, and mining carts converted into a roller coaster that kills. The twists and turns are as fast and furious as a runaway freight train. The old Wild West was never this wild.



ISBN:  978-0-9911871-5-7

Pub Date: July 17, 2017

Format: Deluxe Trade Paperback ... 380 pages

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