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17 short stories and a novella that traverse the literary spectrum of mainstream fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and horror. Many of these bizarre tales previously appeared in small press magazines and anthologies. Author notes describing the origin of and inspiration behind each story add a special dimension to the collection.


After reading DAYDREAMS AND NIGHT SCREAMS, you will never view our world (and beyond) the same way again.


Story Contents:

  • All I Want For Christmas

  • Murdering the American Dream

  • When Mighty Methuselah Falls

  • Himalayan Rainbow

  • Last Call

  • The Good Old Days

  • Wombstone

  • Déjà Voodoo

  • Rendezvous at Waldrop Manor

  • Hologram Sam

  • East of Hades

  • Insomniacs Anonymous

  • The Fjords of Vankosh

  • Hobo Harvest

  • Maricopa Chameleons

  • The River of No Return

  • Sin and Salvation

  • Listening To The Dead




I've stumbled into some kind of weird wonderland, Brad thought. This Reggie character is the Mad Hatter and somewhere in the crowd lurks the March Hare and the Dormouse.

                                  — from “Last Call”


. . . we were visited by a force of evil darker than any moonless night, personified by creatures surely spawned from a bottomless black cauldron of depravity.  

                                     — from “East of Hades”


Soon, red and blue lights danced along the treetops far to the east, swirling at first, then consolidating into discernible objects as they moved toward Waldrop Manor at impossible speeds. The objects darted and weaved in gyroscopic patterns—sharp, drastic movements Rita would have thought impossible. The saucer-shaped glows jerked through the Georgia night skies, silent in their approach, making severe ninety-degree turns, then looping back around, all the while maintaining a loose-knit formation. The enormity of it all struck her. Rita was witnessing the approach of alien spacecraft.

            — from “Rendezvous at Waldrop Manor”


“I knew from a very young age that I didn’t want to be a corporate drone. I saw what those nasty implants did to my parents . . . eventually drove my mother to the sanitarium, and my father . . . well, he committed suicide trying to burn the damn chip out of his neck with a laser iron.”

     — from “Insomniacs Anonymous”




ISBN: 978-0-9819572-9-6

Pub Date:  November 2013

Format: Deluxe Trade Paperback, 294 pages

(also available in eBook formats ... Kindle, Nook, iPad)

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